Mind the gap – balancing remission and risk of relapse in AAV

Industry room 8
Satellite Symposia
03 June 2021 17:30 - 19:00

Learning Objectives:

  • To highlight the gap between current clinical practice and treatment guidelines in the management of ANCA vasculitis and the impact this has on outcomes and patient quality of life
  • To explore the pathophysiological mechanisms behind remission induction and relapse in AAV, with a focus on data published since the current EULAR treatment guidelines (2016)
  • To critically examine the clinical risks associated with high dose and prolonged low dose glucocorticoids in ANCA associated vasculitis and the importance of reducing glucocorticoid exposure while ensuring vasculitis control

’This event has been funded by Vifor in the form of an unrestricted educational grant’

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Title Time Calendar .ics
03 June 2021 17:30 - 17:35 .ics
Ideal world vs. real world: Vasculitis remission and risk of relapse in Europe
03 June 2021 17:35 - 17:55 .ics
Remission and relapse in AAV: Pathophysiology, the role of complement, treatment and what comes next?
03 June 2021 17:55 - 18:15 .ics
The real world: A case study on the risks of glucocorticoids
03 June 2021 18:15 - 18:35 .ics
Q&A and concluding remarks
03 June 2021 18:35 - 19:00 .ics