Amgen - Patient perspectives in moderate PsA: How tailored treatment can improve the patient experience

Industry room 8
Satellite Symposia
03 June 2021 08:15 - 09:45

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this symposium, attendees should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the burden of disease in patients with early and moderate PsA 
  • Acknowledge and demonstrate the burden of disease for early and moderate PsA through understanding how current and recently published literature can expand the knowledge base
  • Demonstrate the value of a tailored approach to the management of early and moderate PsA through review and discussion of the current treatment landscape and the benefit:risk profiles of different treatment options
  • Demonstrate the value of systemic PDE4 inhibitors as an effective treatment option that targets the complex clinical manifestations (both articular and extra-articular) of early and moderate PsA with a positive benefit:risk profile


Chair(s) of the session

Prof. Laura Coates, United Kingdom


Title Time Calendar .ics
Welcome and introductions
03 June 2021 08:15 - 08:22 .ics
The dermatologist’s perspective: Early diagnosis for better care
03 June 2021 08:22 - 08:37 .ics
The rheumatologist’s perspective: Defining disease to optimize management
03 June 2021 08:37 - 08:55 .ics
Tailoring treatment: Are we utilizing clinical trial data effectively?
03 June 2021 08:55 - 09:10 .ics
Tailoring treatment: Do clinical trial data alone define our patients?
03 June 2021 09:10 - 09:27 .ics
Panel discussion
03 June 2021 09:27 - 09:40 .ics
Summary and close
03 June 2021 09:40 - 09:45 .ics